Are you one of the many people who have simply lost their mojo?

You probably don’t remember the exact point that you lost it, you just woke up one morning and realised that there was a hole where previously there had been passion, excitement, motivation, focus and energy. Other things were trying to fill the void like responsibility, guilt, social pressure, organisational pressure and financial demands or enticements but they felt heavy and treacle-like and held you in one place when your mojo had made you want to run ahead.

The thing is that it’s very unlikely that it did just disappear. It had probably been giving you warning signs that things needed to change but you didn’t know what to do to keep your mojo safe and also balance the demands that life was throwing at you.


Mojo – a quality that attracts people to you and makes you successful and full of energy


I think that I have lost a couple of mojo’s in my life. 15 years ago I definitely lost my mojo for the job I was in. I got so caught up with the must do’s and should do’s that I lost touch with my purpose behind doing what I was doing. Or actually, I defined a new purpose that didn’t fit with who I was!

My purpose became to progress up the corporate ladder and prove to people that I could be a successful woman in a very male orientated and highly competitive environment.

The values of the organisation really clashed with my own values of respecting people and developing them to be the best they could be.

I took on the pressures of providing for my family and being the best possible mum I could be and found that the guilt of not always being able to achieve the work/life balance that my family needed from me would wear through my armour in the many battles of proving myself to others.

I didn’t heed the warning signs and hid from the difficult conversations that I probably needed to have with myself and eventually my mental health suffered. And when that happened, I started to tell myself that I was a failure and had proven the people right who I felt were waiting to see me fall.

After a couple of months of feeling like my mind and body were drowning in thick black mud, I started to lift my head and realised that I needed to ask myself some hard questions:


  • Who am I, who have I become?
  • Who do I want to be and what will that give me and the people who are important to me?
  • What do I want to give to myself and to others going forward?
  • What am I willing to leave behind and what will it give me if I do?
  • What am I hitting my head against that I can’t control?
  • What support do I need from others and am I willing to accept it?


Once I started to face some of those questions the mud started to disappear and the chains that I had used to tie myself down started to release.

I was able to find a new passion and my mojo came bouncing back!

The funny thing is that, over the years, I have realised that these types of questions work because they get below the surface and into the deep structure and it’s only at the deep structure level that lasting change can happen. I believe that the energy of your mojo is fed from this deep structure.

Think about when your mojo has been flying – chances are that you had a clear passion and purpose and knew who you were, what was important to you and what you were there to do!

This is true not only for us as individuals, but also as groups and teams. If your passion and purpose doesn’t fit with the organisation then you will feel disconnected and your motivation will drop as you cannot identify with the ‘why’.


If a team doesn’t feel that it has a clear identity and place then there will be conflict and discord amongst the team.

If the organisations value’s are so cloaked in corporation speak that they don’t connect with the people in the front line. then this will become evident in their behaviours and to the service they provide to your customers or clients.

If you need help in diving below the surface, I’m happy to chat!