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Customer service training

Did you know that research shows that our emotions influence our decisions six times more than rationale? Connecting to your customers on an emotional level by investing in effective customer service training is the key to establishing a lasting relationship with your organization. This means that you need to look beyond your processes and your product and think about how you can develop strong and lasting bonds with your customers or clients.

We provide the answer to the problem of sending your staff on standard customer service training and then finding that after a short period of time no real change is evident.

By engaging every member of your team we enable them to make the difference that the organisation, and its customers, need.

We tap into what is really important to the individual about the service they provide and enable them to really step into the shoes of the customer and recognise where the service they currently provide can be improved. Ultimately we work with them to implement new ideas and innovations that enable excellence in customer service for the organisation!


Our customer service training will enable your team members to:

  • Step into the shoes of the customer to recognise what you already do well, and where service can be improved
  • Enhance their communication skills to develop positive and lasting relationships with customers
  • Understand how people process information differently and the effect this has on customer interactions
  • Identify how any negative thought patterns can affect their performance and how to counteract this
  • Appreciate how their communication influences the attention, interest, desire and action of the customer
  • Know how to effectively pre-empt any objections to a discussion, thus enhancing the possibility of a positive conversation
  • Recognise how to use their body language and tonality to gain rapport and then pace and lead a conversation
  • Grasp how to adapt their language to build a positive customer relationship.
  • Know how to build confidence to talk to all levels of seniority within a prospective company
  • Discern how to effectively listen to enhance your customer services
  • Learn simple language techniques to overcome objections
  • Identify what’s important to them about the service they provide and how to create strong shared values and exceptional delivery
  • Learn how to gain insightful perspectives that empower them to provide inspiring customer care
  • Determine areas for improvement and create innovative solutions to facilitate those changes so that they can demonstrate customer care excellence


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