The Keys to Staff Engagement and Confident Teams

Understanding the Why

Understanding the ‘Why’

So many times organisations lose touch with the why of what they do and then are surprised by lack of motivation, fear of change and limited ownership of responsibility.

Many businesses often forget to be really clear on the reason for change and to take time to step back and understand the impact of that change.

We repeatedly see teams and individuals unclear on how they impact their customer as they picture themselves far removed from the end result of the service the organisation offers and are, therefore, unclear on the reason for change.

We frequently find that a strategic message has lost its impact in communication because it does not connect with what is really important to those along the chain. The message about the what and the how  is there but there is no WHY  and therefore no emotional buy-in.

If you recognise at least one of the above in your organisation or team, and the problems caused by this, we can work with you to really understand and communicate the ‘why’ to easily ensure motivation and buy-in is maximised.

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understanding the why