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Strategic Planning and Development

Strategic planning and strategic development

Did you know that strategy has been studied for years by business leaders and by business theorists and yet there is no definitive answer about what strategy really is?

For us strategic planning is about planning for success. It is the art of understanding what the difference needs to be to establish the difference you need to make in your marketplace and then having the vision to create the impact you want. Many businesses forget to spend time really looking at the “WHY” of strategy and the impact that they want the strategy to make.

Strategy setting is key to a successful business and yet it is ensuring your strategy is depicted throughout the culture, the people and the communication with customers that makes the difference.

? Have you been one of the organisations who define their strategy around a boardroom table and forget about how they want the organisation to look and feel?

? Are you in danger of being one of the many companies that make the mistake of their strategy becoming so inflexible or complicated that does not connect with the people who actually need to implement it?

? Perhaps you are like some of the company owners or directors we meet who are confused about the scope of their overall strategy ?


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