The Keys to Staff Engagement and Confident Teams

Getting the team on board

Teams and organisational change

Creating lasting, effective change within teams is our passion and we utilise our extensive skills in this area to enable the team to fully understand and buy in to the change by involving them in identifying both the ‘Why’ and ‘How’ of change.

Too many times we see organisations dictate change to teams and believe they have communicated the reasons for change. However, they have often used ineffective language and communication methods and the communication misses the mark.

Resentment to change comes from people feeling that change is happening to them, rather than feeling that they are a valuable part of the future of the organisation and being allowed to connect the dots to form a shared vision and passion.
team on board
People who benefit from the current status quo will obviously be resistant to change and then, of course, there is the fear factor involved in change.

So how can we help with your teams and organisational change?

We work with you to ensure that your team comes with you on the change journey by involving them at the earliest possible opportunity and enabling you to relate your change project to both the hearts and minds of your people

We test your change for you by taking it to the shop floor and assessing its impact

We listen and understand what is going on beneath the fear so that the fear can be resolved and thus the change can be viewed positively

We facilitate the teams on the coal face to recognise and implement the solutions to any issues

We facilitate solution focussed discussions between management and the teams affected by change

We teach your change teams and senior management the following keys to getting the teams on board:

  • Managing expectations
  • How to get staff to identify and solve problems in advance
  • Understanding the emotional impact of change and the emotional change cycle
  • Identifying the value of change to the individuals within the team
  • How to really listen
  • How to recognise the strengths within the team
  • How to speak the same language as the people you need to communicate with

To discuss your current challenges and understand the impact we can have on the success of your change project and team involvement, please contact us