YI read with dismay an article in the Nursing Times last week:

“Sonya Wallbank, associate professor of child health at South Warwickshire Foundation Trust, told Nursing Times that stress and burnout levels were often higher among nursing staff than serving members of the armed forces.

She found nursing staff typically have a stress score of 43.35 on the internationally recognised Impact of Event Scale. A score above 44 is categorised as severe and potentially altering the ability of an individual to function.

The nursing score is around 1.5 times higher than the average for soldiers surveyed after a military trauma in a warzone, and more than twice as high as individuals working in emergency services with recent experience of handling human remains.”

Nurses do an amazing job and it is crucial that they are provided with a toolbox to help them look after themselves as well as their patients. It’s great to see a restorative clinical supervision programme being trialled and additional support being given and now is also the time for each nurse to think about how else they can support and protect themselves.


To read the full article go to http://www.nursingtimes.net/nursing-practice/clinical-zones/management/nurses-more-stressed-than-combat-troops/5053522.article?blocktitle=Most-popular&contentID=-1