The Keys to Staff Engagement and Confident Teams

How to enable your team to embrace change

A unique opportunity to ensure your team works with you and embraces change

If you are looking for a generic ‘how do you do change management’ course then I am afraid this course is not for you.

Instead this two-day workshop will cure the headache of change projects and challenges that are relevant and live for you. During the course you will work through how to get your teams on board with the changes as an organisation you need to make.

At a Glance

No dates are currently arranged for this workshop, please enquire about running this in-house.

As a manager, business owner, director or partner how frustrating, tiring or stressful is it to drag your team on-board with you? How much time do you waste by not addressing some of the challenges you have? How much money do you throw away after failed projects? How painful is it for you to see your team unmotivated and not buying in to your vision?

One of our passions with organisations we work with is to ensure that a strategy that is defined at management level does not falter because it fails to engage their people in the fulfilment of that strategy.

We ask you to bring along a real change project or problem area that you can work on throughout the 2 days. We will teach you the fundamentals of three areas of our powerful team strategy engagement programme so that you really understand how they work and how they can be applied in your unique situation.

You will ‘try on’ each of the modules yourself by working through the change from your own perspective. This will give you an opportunity to not only have some time to take a clean perspective on the change project or problem, but also understand how the change could be viewed.

We will work with you, step by step through your change project and look at how you can implement what you have learnt with your team.

Over the 2 days you will learn a lot, be challenged and also enjoy the stimulating and thought-provoking atmosphere. At the end of the course you will have a clear plan on how to get your team to embrace the change your organisation needs.

You will learn effective and practical tools in the following areas:

How to get the team to step back and see how the current situation is effecting the key stakeholders.

How you can reduce ‘Silo’ working and encourage a collaborative approach to change.

How to reduce the risk of unconscious or conscious sabotage of change.

How to encourage team ownership of the problem and its solution.

How to effectively review processes and utilise the skills of the team using adaptations of six sigma methodology.

How you can communicate effectively and be heard.

Identifying the  differences between the team’s and the organisation’s key drivers and what needs to happen to make these difference still work together.

How to get the team to connect to the “why” of the change.

So if you want to know how to really get your team to embrace change then we look forward to welcoming you.