MP900386083 A study by Dr Christopher Millett, of the School of Public Health at Imperial College London published today showed clear evidence that stopping smoking in public places has resulted in “substantial population health benefits” in England.

The number of children admitted to hospital with asthma symptoms reduced by 12.3% in the year after the smokefree legislation.

I often look at the groups of people outside bars and restaurants huddled in the cold having what they feel is that much needed cigarette and wonder how many of them want to quit but don’t know how? How many of them have tried before and now tell themselves that it’s too hard to try again? How many of them say that they would if they could but they can’t ?

NLP provides a number of techniques to help people stop smoking moving them from the excuses and the “I can’t” to taking control, removing the desire to smoke, making the right choice and knowing that they can and will stop.

The only prerequisite for success? – the strong desire to quit !