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Business and Career Transformation Retreat

Our Business and Career Transformation Retreat provides you with a fantastic opportunity to really understand where you want your business or career to take you and then how to achieve that goal.

Through 3 days of intensive training, facilitation and coaching you will really define your business or career purpose, what you want it to give you financially and also exactly what you need from it to achieve the sense of fulfillment you deserve.

So if you answer ‘yes’ to any of the following questions, this unique retreat could be just what you require to get the focus and action plan you need!

  1. Do you have an area of your life that is just not working well for you, where you are perhaps stuck, unfulfilled or frustrated?
  2. Have you been thinking about starting your own business but are feeling a bit overwhelmed and not moving forward in the way you want to?
  3. Do you feel that you are at the stage where you want to change career and need time to focus on what is really right for you and how you can make that career change work?
  4. Do you have your own business but are at the stage where you know it is not quite working right and you have lost your purpose?

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We invite a maximum of 10 people to join us on this high impact programme where you will be equipped to uncover your priorities, ambitions and talents, learn how to evaluate your options and turn your career and business goals into a reality.

Day one

  • Be really clear on your purpose and what you really want from your business or career
  • Look at how your passion can be converted to a business or new career
  • Understand your own talents, experience and strengths and the different ways they can be utilised going forward
  • Allowing yourself the space to be creative and look at the many choices you have going forward
  • Break through the barriers that you have subconsciously put in place to achieving the financial and personal fulfillment you need
  • Look at how you want the rest of your life to be impacted by your future career or business plans
  • Get rid of the blocks and limiting beliefs that have been stopping you

Day Two

  • Define your new business or career path
  • Understand the work/life balance you need and how you can achieve it
  • Define achievable goals and objectives in your long term plan
  • Work out your mid-term plans
  • Hone your CV or business message
  • Learn how to celebrate the achievements and enjoy the ‘now’ of each step you make going forward
  • Know how to communicate your plans to the important others in your life

Day Three

  • Establish your 12 month plan
  • Define the achievable steps you can take over the next 90 days to springboard you, your business and career
  • Know the best way to market yourself or your business going forward
  • Understand your own strengths, where you will need help and how to get it
  • The best ways to market yourself or your business in order to achieve your short term and mid term plans
  • How networking can help you and how to do it comfortably and confidently
  • We openly share our mistakes and successes so that you can learn from them


The Business and Career Transformation retreat takes place in a beautiful location with lots of outdoor space and provides you with the ideal surroundings to refresh your mind and energy.

Contact us if you’d like us to run this for your organisation or to find out when the next retreat will be taking place.