The Keys to Staff Engagement and Confident Teams

The team

The team

Andy Coley

With my original background being in high-tech computer firms and city banks, I have also been involved as a Director in a number of smaller companies over the last 20 years, mainly in IT and internet sales. During my business career I have found that having a flexible approach is key for your own life as well a within business and yet a number of years ago found myself on that stress and anxiety hamster wheel where nothing seemed to go right.  This is when I developed my passion for training, facilitating and coaching. I stopped blaming all around me for what was going wrong and took control. It was fascinating that all it took was me, right then, to decide to make the changes for me. It was amazing how that simple change in mindset made massive changes in all areas of my life.

Since then I have been developing my own skills, enhancing those I already clearly had and then passing on this belief change to others. For me, establishing Beyond Training Solutions with Jo and now guiding people towards finding their own solutions; be that a corporate management team, a group of attendees on a workshop or someone who’s come to us for personal development coaching gives me a real buzz.  Watching those lightbulb moments as they realise that all it took was a shift in their own thinking to achieve what they wanted and helping direct and focus that light towards an outcome is why I do what I do.

I have a unique perspective on situations from large organisations through to individuals and this combined with my experience on a personal and professional level means I really enjoy helping others to change, for the better.


Jo Wilson

At the proud age of X (never ask a lady to give away her age!) I stopped doing all of the things I thought I should do and started doing the things I love doing and so set up Beyond Training Solutions. I have always gotten my buzz from seeing others really achieve what they previously doubted and have now taken this into the core of my business and loving every minute of it!

Enabling individuals, teams and organisations to realise their potential, facilitate and strengthen collaborative working and effect lasting and empowering change is my passion. Oh yes and I love bringing a sense of challenging fun into the proceedings as well!

I am an experienced trainer and facilitator who has worked at Director level within both the public and commercial sectors. I have an in-depth understanding of the challenges facing management professionals and am passionate about providing them with the resources to make a real difference to themselves, the organisation and the customer. In the last decade I have been pleased to extend this into facilitating improvements in patient care and customer service, both at individual and organisational level.

Our Associate Trainers

Martin Wyse

Martin Wyse - Business Focussed Trainer and Executive Coach. Beyond Training Solutions.

Having had over 27 years engineering, sales and management experience in the Communications and Telecommunications field and thousands of hours experience in Executive Coaching, Facilitation and Training my main focus is on personal and business change in the private, public sector and corporate arena.

My Primary Goal is to enhance and expand the understanding that excellent, personal and group, communications and relationships are necessary to the efficient running of any service/business context. I passionately believe that teaching and/ or coaching individuals and businesses how to communicate and relate excellently, is the key to effective, productive and sustainable personal and business results.

My specialties include personal mindset and behavioural change, Executive Coaching, Training, Facilitation and Communication and Relationship Management and services and I focus my attention on providing clients with quality, results driven training and coaching services. I see my career and personal life as co-existing with each other. My love and passion for the field in which I work means that I can be found with my head in a book or working with my students when I am not advancing my own personal development.

Tam Johnson

Tam Johnson - NLP Trainer, Master Practitioner, Nurse and Hypnotherapist. Beyond Training Solutions.

I am a full time coach and trainer and a fully accredited NLP Trainer, NLP Master Practitioner, Registered Nurse and Hypnotherapist.

I have studied with some of the best trainers in the field; such names include the co-founders John Grinder and Richard Bandler, Robert Dilts, Judith De Lozier, Suzi Smith as well as world-renowned Hypnotherapists Paul McKenna and Dr Keith Hearne. I was additionally selected to assist John Grinder in his international training program. I own my own successful coaching business in London as well as training, consulting and facilitating workshops within corporations and organisations. I have a passion for developing others practice and skills and facilitate groups alongside continuing to enhance my own expertise with on-going training.

Prior to re-discovering my purpose in Coaching and NLP, I had 18 years’ experience in Nursing, Training and Leadership, working as a Nurse Practitioner and then Nurse Manager and Matron of a busy London Emergency Department and Urgent Care Centre. I continue to maintain my nursing skills in London clinics.

Wendy Lee

I am excited to be an associate trainer with Beyond Training Solutions as the most important thing for me in any relationship is that we have matching ethics and values and I know I have that with Beyond!

I am dedicated to working with individuals and teams to allow them to unleash their true potential and both meet the objectives of the organisation and their own personal needs. This meeting of needs allows for a driven and motivated team.

I have held a leadership role for 25 years in public and voluntary sector organisations and hold a post graduate qualification in Integrated Leadership as well as being qualified as a NLP Trainer and Master Practitioner,  Wellness Recovery Action Plan®-WRAP Group Facilitator and Trainer of Motivational Interviewing.

Originally a professional dancer, I believe that channelling personal expression and recognising the creative strengths of each individual enables an organisation to utilise it’s key assets (it’s people) to achieve results and a motivated workforce.

Paul Cartwright

Paul Cartwright, Beyond Training Solutions. I think my purpose in life is to inspire and create change through what I do and say and, through training and public speaking, I feel as if I am enabling that positive and permanent change to happen for the people I meet.

Someone once said to me ‘You can talk to anyone Paul’ and I think that sums me up. I love meeting people, chatting with them, having fun and pushing my luck. People tend to ask me what I’m up to on a daily basis, apparently because I wear a mischievous smile constantly!

My background is in Major Donor Fundraising, which involves securing large financial gifts from high and ultra-high net worth individuals.  My work as a fundraiser often involved ‘stepping into the donor’s shoes’ and building a fantastic level of rapport, which subsequently translated itself into the areas of training I provide – really effective communication!