The Keys to Staff Engagement and Confident Teams


Read some recent testimonials from our clients
I thought it was a very powerful day and it made a considerable shift to the situation. Jo was absolutely great and extremely skilfull in how she brought out the issues and helped develop a plan of how to move forward.
Sue MoorthyGP Partner of Primary Care Practice
Where to start? My toolkit has been doubled and my mind expanded. This course will, and has already, benefited myself and my team in a million and one ways! You'd be crazy to miss it if it is offered to you!
Charlie HallReception Supervisor of New Cross Health Centre
Lewisham CEPN, funded through Health Education England, has contracted with Beyond Training Solutions on three occasions in the last year, and has valued enormously the originality of their approach. They have comprised a core element of our training for non-clinical staff, which is a Lewisham CEPN priority, having delivered sessions in the following:
  1. Managing Difficult Conversation
  2. Managing Effective Appraisals
  3. Introduction to Management
The first two courses aimed to reinforce core skills in order to help generate resilience in general practice staff, who are working under significant and sustained pressures. The last was a first introduction, for ambitious and talented staff, to what it means to manage, developing skills in the junior (for now) workforce in order that succession planning can begin in practice strategic plans. All courses have had very positive feedback. The trainers engage with the attendees to get them to take responsibility for what they themselves bring to a communicative act, in order to develop insight and enhance the effectiveness of their interactions with patients and with each other. They bring their professional experience to bear on how to successfully manage processes and ensure that quality and consistency are embedded in practice routines. Lewisham CEPN recommends Beyond Training Solutions without reservation. Meet them. That will convince you.
Colin PagetDirector of Operations of Lewisham CEPN
This course has given me confidence and made me realise that my way is not always the only way. It broadens your view!
Debbie MadgettReception Manager of Grove Medical Practice
Excellent course! I feel I have learnt a lot in this course to take back to my surgery. I have gained confidence and know how to deal with different challenges that may occur and have different ways of dealing with staff and patients.
Tracey FullerReceptionists of ICO Health Group
Beyond Training Solutions have delivered a significant number of management training and leadership coaching programs for the senior and middle management of Toshiba during the last 3 years. Throughout this time we have found the content and delivery of the courses to be of the highest quality with the BTS programs providing the platform for higher staff motivation & continuous management improvement within our company. I have no hesitation in recommending BTS as a potential provider of training or coaching solutions for your company or organisation.
Adam SheppardManaging Director of Toshiba Tec UK
Following an in depth discussion with Jo about my team’s training needs, Jo promptly put together a proposal. I decided to go ahead and booked our first training event with Beyond Training. What stood out about this training was the warmth and inclusive approach from the trainer. Jo got everyone involved and covered all of our bespoke requirements. It was refreshing to receive a full write up of the output from the meeting, other trainers would have left us to write it up ourselves, this was really appreciated. Thank you.
Roger HarrisMarket Analysis Manager of Elexon
Just a few words of gratitude for a thoroughly informative, enjoyable and thought provoking day you had with us at Premier Clinic.....Having been on many courses and died of boredom half way through, this course was very different. We all said afterwards how we had all enjoyed this course, we would without hesitation recommend you and the company.
Premier Clinic Management Team
So, if you like, they practice what they preach. They did it naturally and instinctively and I thought that was a real gift that was given to Braintree... What we found was people working typically, as they do in most hospitals, in emotional silos. What I have noticed now is people engaging with each other, looking for joint resolutions to operational day to day problems they might be having, perhaps looking at long term problems that they had failed to react to. They are more proactive than before and there is certainly a lot less blame culture than there was before. There is an energy now about this place that you can’t describe really. Absolutely get them on board, grab them while you can! Why would I say that? Well there are a number of reasons: the first thing is they have got a range of technical skills in their toolbox that they’re able to impart and share with people. They can work with people on these tools on a range of levels across the organisation from people who are comfortable and familiar with working at that sort of level to people for whom it is a whole new language. At every stage they flex and work with you, without judgement.
Anthony NallyOperations Director of Braintree Community Hospital
Jo and Andy made everyone feel at ease and exampled everyday situations which we could all relate to in our working lives. Learning to build rapport with clients and colleagues is an important part of my job and the skills I learnt on the course are invaluable....... This was the first course I left were I felt a buzz once I left the room, and it has been something I decided to put into practice that afternoon – that’s the beauty of the course, what Jo and Andy teach can be picked up and started instantly.
Ryan WebbMarketing Manager of Tri-synergy Marketing
They were responsive to our needs, through planning to the delivery. On the day they delivered the training with a great deal of humour and skill to a multi-disciplinary audience with a wide range of skills and experience and adapted the session as they went along to ensure they kept the whole group engaged throughout.

After the event staff who had attended fed back that it had been an enjoyable, useful, and productive training session which gave them both new skills and an opportunity to network and share information with their colleagues and I'd happily recommend them and hope to work with Beyond again in the future.
Jo BettertonAssociate Director for Organisational Development of The Hurley Group
It has given me a personal insight and an insight into the way that my team works. For me personally it has shown me how I project and how I can be perceived to project. The team are a bit more forward as they find it easier to come to me with suggestions.

Jo and Andy are very easy to communicate with. Their training would be an asset to any company as long as the company realise what they are getting from it and utilise that it’s going to be very good for them.
Kevin FinlinsonTheatre Manager of Braintree Community Hospital
I felt comfortable enough with the group to open up fully and I feel I have reaped the rewards on a emotional, professional and personal level. Thank You
.Manager of East of England Ambulance Service
The training event itself was very motivating. Jo and Andy delivered a varying array of information to us in a very attention grabbing way and it was very easy to learn from them. We were taught different techniques for motivating people in groups and how to capture different peoples’ attention taking in to account the fact that people learn and take in information in different ways.

Attending this training gave me the boost in confidence that I needed not only to make my evening workshop meeting to improve communication as interesting as possible but also to continue to make a difference going forward. My event went really well and since then we have all been much more motivated, everyone has made more effort to communicate, to make the environment more pleasant to work in and to support each other.
Margaret CokerPractice Manager of Healthcare
In a fun way you gave them some tools for their communication skills box. Feedback was excellent and today lots of the trainee had specific skills they were going to go back to their surgeries to try out. Thank you very much. We all had a great day!
Mandy ClaidenProgramme Director of West Sussex GP VTS
Learnt a lot of new things, met a great bunch of people and made me take a good look at what I am doing. Well worth attending - friendly, informative and thought provoking!
DavidBusiness Owner of Essex
Can you pass my thanks on to Jo the trainer from yesterday. I have learnt and already used some of the brilliant strategies she gave us with some of the challenges I have shared with you. One came up late yesterday and I became a 'fly on the wall' and attempted to take the emotion out of the situation
.Children Centre Leader of Haven Nursery School and Children's Centre
The session was well organised and well planned. The fact that Andy talked to me in detail before the session to find out what I wanted from the session was very helpful. The staff engaged with Andy, some more than others, but by the end even the most reluctant attendee was contributing. Also Andy managed the group well, not allowing the louder more pushy staff to dominate.
Helen OakleyPractice Manager of Sherard Road Medical Centre
I have attended two courses with Beyond Training Solution. I attended with the initial idea to try and improve my management style and engage in new ideas and approaches to give my company a fresh approach – and to find some comfort in sharing a tough time with others who may be in a similar situation.

I was going through a challenging period at work and the course forced me to review my situation. I was able to empathise with others on the course facing similar problems, and I learnt that by finding my inner strength and using calmness in stressful situations I can be stronger and be more empowered to react with increased confidence and a renewed approach that feels modern and achievable.

The second course reinforced this belief and reminded me what I learnt at the previous day I had attended 6 months earlier and again I evaluated the change and realised just how far me and my team of 50 staff have come – stronger, empowered and we communicate and understand each other and our boundaries better – and most importantly sensitivities and barriers have been broken down and we work with more openness and increased honesty, rather than letting issues become more sinister.
James PerrinBusiness Manager of Healthcare
Thank you so much to both you and Tam for coming to the Royal Marsden. We really enjoyed the session and it was a great opportunity for the team to really look at where we are and where we want to be. We have already implemented some changes on the back of your training which is fantastic and although it is early days morale seems to have improved, so thank you.
Suzanne O'ReillyOccupational Health Manager of Royal Marsden Hospital
This has been one of the most interesting and relevant workshops I have attended in many years, I feel I have gained some tools to use in practice and I am optimistic this will increase my job satisfaction.

(Post workshop update) I have been putting some of your tips into practice this week and already its making a difference to how I feel and to the outcome. Had one of the best nursing team meetings we’ve had for a long time so a very big thank you!
SheilaAdvanced Nurse Practitioner of NHS
After having done a variety of psychological therapy training over many years, I wanted a day that would give me ‘time out’ to explore what is important to me and what is important in the job that I do.

I wanted new additional skills for my’ tool belt’ and something that would re- motivated and re- energise me in the work that I currently do with my patients, particularly with issues around physical health well- being.

This course, through its thought provoking presentations and workshops did all of the above by being inspiring, very enjoyable and reaffirming of the work I was already doing.

I particularly found the work about speaking their language, respecting my patient’s world and the wheel of values very helpful.

I am now working on giving ‘myself’ useful realistic advice, I think twice about using the word ‘but’, replacing it with ‘and’ and realise that there are many resources available to me including myself.

I think this course has started me on a new, interesting and wonderful journey and would recommend it to anyone who cares about their patients and doing their ‘best by them’.
CathDietician of London
We at the West Essex GPSTP used the services of Jo in facilitating an NLP day session at our recent residential focusing on how such techniques can enhance communication and consultation skills.

I must say the session was well received by the trainees and I was particularly impressed with the NLP techniques used to aid and build rapport with patients right from the start of the consultation and assessing how patients prefer to receive information in the consultation.

It was refreshing for the trainees to go into some depth looking at both how they could use both verbal and non verbal skills to 'open' patients up when eliciting their ICE.

The session used GP orientated scenarios with frequent group work which got the trainees interacting well. We received particularly good feedback from those trainees underwent their undergraduate training from abroad in helping with CSA practice.
.Programme Director of West Essex VTS
To be honest with you Jo; I am now reflecting on yesterday's activities very hard and I cannot think of anything I would like to change, as I enjoyed it all. I would like to take this opportunity in thanking you and Andy for a fun-filled day ending with positive results.  

Angela, Head Nurse
What a good day yesterday, great much of people and lots of very useful tools. Fantastic insight into another way of doing things.

Anne-Marie, Nurse
I really enjoyed the workshop and found it very thoughtful, well structured and most importantly, fun. I look forward to attending further workshops in the future and will be definitely recommending it to my colleagues.

ChrisPublic Health Manager of Essex County Council
Some patients come to see their GP with a question for which they are seeking an answer. Some people come to see their GP with the start of a solution for their problems but need help to uncover and realise this. Working as a GP I have found that  conventional consulting skills sometimes let me down with these patients. I was looking for new ways of talking to my patients and I found it in this course. I learned practical ways of integrating new skills into my consultation toolkit and I look forward to putting it into practice. Marcus Lewis, GP
Andy & Jo are really helpful in a positive and non-judgmental way that encourages personal growth.   Amanda, Lung CNS  
Amanda Lung
The effective leadership course was a really great opportunity to look at myself - what I am doing, why as well as understand my teams perspective too. There were real eye opener moments for me when I had thought something was so complicated and difficult to solve and I just couldn't see a way out. When points were being discussed techniques were used to break it all down and look at it from a different perspective - the solution and way forward was actually really quite simple and easy. It was fun, enjoyable and having lots of discussion with others on the course a great way to exchange ideas....curious questions are the way forward!
RakheeSenior Diabetes Specialist Podiatrist
I live in Dublin and so had a Skype session with Andy as I had been mulling over options for a possible career change for sometime. Talking with him helped me through the steps needed to make a decision about  what my best option was and helped me focus on a direction forward. It also helped to talk through work issues with someone outside of my immediate circle to get more objective feedback that also had an understanding of work place stress and conflict.
Thank you. The added confidence I have gained after several workshops with you two has helped me to get the job I want and I used my developing negotiating skills to ensure I start on a salary that values my contribution. I am really looking forward to the practitioners course – I only wish I had learned more about communication and my self-limiting beliefs years ago. This kind of insight and the practical ways to use it in everyday life are beyond price.
SandieTeam Manager
Really enjoyed this day with Jo,  there's always so much stuff to learn and so many resources they provide. It's fun, informative and packed full of exciting tools and techniques - thanks for a really great day!
PaulPrincipal Trainer
Excellent. Very enjoyable, helpful lecture. Very useful in understanding the patients with chronic illness and the rapport to maintain the trust. Interesting talk, will help how to discuss serious illness with patients and deal with difficult patients who will need more time for consultations.