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Our experience

Our experience

We have worked with a significant number of companies on many levels and are immensely proud of the fact that we are able to work within organisations to facilitate growth and collaboration.


Whether our clients are large corporate organisations, small and growing organisations, charities, health providers or local government, we ensure that our solutions are completely tailored to their challenges and develop the people within to achieve the change they want to make.

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Just some examples of how we have helped our clients:

Leadership and management development programme within a large healthcare organisation for middle and senior management in order to strengthen the leadership team and instil a culture of embracing change.

Facilitation and training programme for the leadership team in a large commercial organisation to ensure effective team working and collaboration.

A programme for recently promoted Junior Managers within a busy and demanding front-line NHS Trust role, enabling them to get the best from themselves and their teams following a recent period of change and uncertainty.

A programme over a seven month period within a large community hospital following a period of significant change within the organisation. Our remit was to engage the team in a new culture, to enhance patient care and self development and to improve the level of staff engagement and ownership of responsibility. We were responsible for the facilitation of change measures, training to allow improved patient service and to enhance communication within the hospital.

Development of a training programme for the staff in a large children’s charity around professional boundaries within the client/ professional relationship

Development and provision of a stress management programme for a large social housing and community support organisation in London.

Coaching and training for the management team following the merger of two corporate organisations to allow the two cultures to come together and the team members to connect with a shared desire to provide a high level of service to its clients.

Facilitation of team working and ownership of improvements in the level of service provision within a central team at a large cancer care hospital.

Facilitating and supporting the management team in an extensive review of processes and customer service functions and implementation of best practice solutions for a large customer service organisation.

Coaching, training and development of clinical, management and support staff across the primary care locality.

Ensuring team collaboration during the operational integration of a major company acquisition into the UK Head Office functions.

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