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About Beyond Training Solutions

About Beyond Training Solutions Limited

Our solutions transform strategy into practical implementation, behavioural change and beyond by taking an ‘inside out’ approach ensuring motivation, passion and belief are taken into the core.

Realising new perspectives and creating lasting impact

Facilitating practical implementation & behavioural change

Training solutions with outcome driven results

Changing from the inside out

Beyond Training Solutions stemmed from the passion of Director Jo Creed to provide organisations, teams and individuals with the resources and direction enabling them to reconnect with and achieve excellence in their own passion.

Having worked within commercial, healthcare and public organisations Jo recognised that the pressures of today’s society and marketplace have meant that many of you may have forgotten the ‘why’ of what you do. Your own passion has perhaps got mixed in and diluted with the ‘should, musts and oughts’ of your environment or maybe been encompassed within a mission statement that sounds good but still doesn’t quite connect with you, does it?

The more Jo worked within small and large organisations themselves they recognised that companies were still not connecting with, respecting, utilising and supporting their most valuable asset – their people. Too much talk was happening in the board rooms and too little connection was happening with the people who are the face, ears and eyes of the organisation.

Organisations may have been trying hard to ‘do the right thing’ and many ticked the requisite box for employee engagement, but how many actually truly engaged and how many teams really felt that they had been listened to?

And what happened to having fun at work? Surely you should enjoy the thing you care about and spend so much time doing? We really love what we do and are passionate about sharing our enjoyment and knowledge with all that we work and train with.

So hence Beyond Training Solutions Ltd was born with the aim to provide organisations with the means to hone healthy and mutually beneficial relationships with their people, build passion and enjoyment within their organisation, and realise the excellence in the service they provide.

Working with individuals and organisations to enable outcome driven results through Realisation, Facilitation, Training and Change. We take an ‘inside out’, rather than an ‘outside in’ approach to ensure that the motivation, passion and belief are taken into the core enabling a new perspective and lasting impact. Empowering collaboration both within and across teams, our solutions transform strategy and ideas into practical implementation, behavioural change and beyond.

We specialise in working within health, charities and service organisations and also have extensive experience within many areas of the commercial sector and are happy to talk through your challenges with you at any time.

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