When you left the office last night did you smile at all the things you had achieved?

When you left the ward, did you recognise what you had accomplished?

When you got in bed at the end of the day did you give yourself that pat on the back for the number of balls you managed to keep in the air?

Or did you concentrate your attention on the ball you dropped, the things still on the t0-do list, the frustrations of the systems that meant you spent too long on paperwork?

Last week we celebrated and gave ourselves a huge fun pat on the back by holding a free event on using NLP for positivity and purpose for 80 people in Hampshire who have supported us and wanted to learn more about what we do. We are lucky enough to absolutely love our work and wanted to celebrate our 2nd business birthday in style and give back to the local community (we run much of our training in London so being able to run an empowering event for the local people in Hampshire was fantastic!).

Now, as  anyone who runs a business knows, it is not all sun, flowers and easy sailings.

Have we found it hard work?  – Yes!

Have we dropped a few balls as we tried to juggle too many?- Yes one or 2 definitely!

Have we made a couple of duff decisions?  – yep and we’ll probably make a few more in our time!

Have we had a few bottom clenching moments? – well I should have firmer buttock muscles now!

Have we worked long hours and been tired? – yes indeed!

So why celebrate?

Because all of the above has meant we have learnt so much. Every experience we have had means we have even more skills and experience to pass on to our clients because we have been there and learnt what makes the difference. We take feedback from the things that didn’t go to plan so we can understand the why and know what to do differently next time.

As good old Thomas Eddison said “I have not failed I have just found 10,000 ways that did not work”.

And importantly; we make a decision on where to focus our attention.

We focus our attention on the people who have made great steps forward in their business and personal lives because of the work they have done with us, the teams who have found motivation in what they do together, the companies that are now increasing their effectiveness and productivity. We look each day at what is essential to grow the business or meet out clients needs and focus our attention there. We look for other people to collaborate with and learn from and surround ourselves with people who have the same personal and business values as us.

And crucially – we take a few minutes each day to recognise what we have achieved instead of focussing our attention on the things we haven’t. A few minutes to also remind ourselves why we do what we do and why we love it.

Someone once said to me that I teach people how to look at things through rose tinted glasses but I believe that nothing could be further from the truth. I believe that I enable people to recognise and learn from the hurdles life throws at us so we can initially climb over them and soon go around them. What I do believe in though is making a decision on where to focus our attention that empowers rather than limits us. That takes us forward rather than holds us back.

I always used to suffer from Magpie syndrome (excited by the next shiny thing) yet thanks to a great business mentor, Shaa Wasmund,  I am learning that to make the diamond really shine you have to give it some focussed polishing.

So where will you focus your energy today?

Will you focus on that one thing that will make a difference to you or your business or continue to spread your energy too thinly?

Will you continue to hit your head against the brick wall of all the things you can’t change or concentrate your energy on the things you can?

Will you recognise what you have achieved  or look at the things you haven’t?

Will you focus on what you have learnt from the dropped ball or just on the ball?

Will you spend that moment to reconnect with why you do what you do?

80 people in Hampshire last weekend noticed the difference when they started to focus their energy in the right way and over 2,500 clients and delegates in the last 2 years have done the same. Now that’s worth celebrating!



PS our next 8 day NLP event in Hampshire is in July and August and  in London in the Autumn!