I believe I have finally found the missing link that means I have moved from ‘should’ to ‘want’ to ‘can’ in terms of my sweet tooth eating habits. Now I’m in control.

Thanks to WRAP.

WRAP stands for Wellness Recovery Action Plan, and it’s an evidence-based, ‘self-management’ practice, made up of a personalised wellness and crisis plan development program. Essentially, what WRAP does is help people plan for, and keep good emotional wellbeing. Plus it can now be applied to physical wellbeing and even to a personal or team goal.

As a self-confessed expert on dieting (everything from cabbage soup to green and red days), I felt I could definitely benefit from something like this. I’d been known to berate myself when I broke my diet, and played Ostrich when it just seemed too much effort to eat healthily, and my clothes size started creeping up.

Whenever this happened to me, I knew what I should do. I knew that my poorly arthritic knee would greatly appreciate carrying around less weight and that I should do something about it. It was obvious that eating healthily would be a way of looking after myself and that I should do that to reduce the future risk of health issues, (after all I’m not getting any younger!) Even my lovely mum often told me I should lose a bit of weight!

So why hadn’t I? Well there was the problem, it was the ‘should’ of it all that was holding me back. It felt like there was a big ‘according to whom?’ going on. And like with any change, unless YOU want it to happen, and you are clear of the importance of that change, it is unlikely to happen.

And that’s where WRAP came in.

At the start of this year I attended a WRAP training course, run by the amazing Wendy Lee, and suddenly I realised what eating healthily really meant deep down, to me! It was if all those brilliant light bulbs finally started pinging on throughout the course. WRAP allowed me to work out a plan that worked for me. I discovered the trigger points and warning signs on when I might stumble, and defined how I could handle them. And the difference? My thought process has completely changed. Now I want to make a difference for me. Since then I have lost just under a stone in weight, and although I still have a way to go, the most important thing is now I want to do it, and know I can do it!

Basically, thanks to WRAP, I am now in control of my weight rather than my weight controlling me!

There are several different sections to a WRAP, which include creating a daily maintenance plan, identifying triggers, recognising signs that things are breaking down, and helpful planning for what may come next. Each section of WRAP is tailored to your needs, and can help you during potentially difficult times. And this is what helped me take control of my own life.

That’s why I am even more excited to announce that the wonderful Wendy Lee, a recognised and trailed facilitator of the WRAP methodology, is now joining us, and we are working together cto enhance WRAP even further! WRAP can link so well to everything we do in NLP and clean language that we are now running our first innovative and powerful course together in April!

WRAP is an extremely flexible program and can be applied to dealing with the effects of both physical and mental health, including trauma, addictions, chronic disease or pain, lifestyle management and group goals, which makes us confident that anyone can use WRAP to develop their own wellbeing and happiness. It can also be used as a framework to guide relationships within couples, support groups, agencies and organisations.

Just in case you were wondering, the WRAP model was developed by a team of people who have experienced mental health and lifestyle challenged themselves, (so if anyone knows what they’re talking about, it’s these guys). These brilliant people learned that they can identify what makes them well, and then use their own “Wellness Tools” to get rid of difficult feelings, and keep a higher quality of life. WRAP is now recognised by the Federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA) as an evidence based practice.

When developing your WRAP, you’ll identify the Wellness Tools that will most benefit you. You will learn how to use these tools when needed; every day, or when you have particular feelings or experiences. WRAP will help you notice when things seem to be off balance in your life, and help you co-ordinate effective ways to get back to feeling your best. And that’s what it’s really all about, because the key thing with WRAP is that it’s all about you. It belongs to you and you decide how to use it. You decide what is best for you. You decide who assists and supports you, and you decide everything about your own plan.

WRAP emphasises that people are experts in their own experience and it aims to help you increase your own personal empowerment, improve your quality of life and assist you in achieving your own life goals and dreams.

That’s what makes WRAP so effective, that’s how it helped me and how I think it can help you too.

That’s a WRAP.


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