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WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan)

WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) Training

Help your patients, clients, staff and peers to plan for good emotional wellbeing 1:1 through our WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) training with additional resources

WRAP is an evidence based ‘self-management’ tool that essentially helps people plan for and maintain good emotional wellbeing/mental health. WRAP is an extremely flexible tool and supports people to effectively take control of and manage their own stress, anxiety and depression. WRAP also helps people with issues such as substance misuse and medical conditions such as Diabetes. The WRAP approach helps to build confidence, analyse and eliminate negative thought patterns and structure lifestyles in a way that promotes wellness too.

Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP Training)
WRAP is very inclusive and can be used with everyone regardless of language skills, level of understanding and cultural diversity within the community or team. WRAP can also be used with children and young people. WRAP emphasises that people are the experts in their own experience and is based on the premise that there are no limits to recovery.

WRAP can also support teams with managing change and transformation as well as individual staff with occupational stress and performance issues.

A WRAP is completed by the patient, client or staff member with support from a trained professional or peer.

WRAP starts with recognising and identifying personal tools, support and resources, describing what they are like when they are well and what they do daily, weekly and monthly. This helps to benchmark wellness and good health so that further on in the WRAP, identification of triggers, early warning signs and when things are breaking down can be planned for effectively. Crisis plans and post crisis planning is also a key part of the WRAP for those people who need and want it.

Our courses also cover the ethics and key concepts that underpin WRAP together with evaluation tools to measure the difference made from using this tool with patients, clients, staff and peers.

We can offer two levels of WRAP Training:

WRAP Workshop (Level 1)

The two day WRAP workshop introduces you to the wellness plan conceptsand is delivered by a WRAP Facilitator, in a mutual group surrounding, where you get to experience putting together your own WRAP plan.  The sharing of ideas and support from the other members of the group will allow you to develop your own plan (this can be on anything from a plan for eating well, to handling relationships well through to coping with your own long term health conditions).

Once created you’ll be able to evolve and update your own WRAP plan and utilise the tool.  WRAP plans can be created in a number of ways, from lists, to scrapbooks to an App on your phone.  Whatever is your preferred way to represent it.

WRAP Facilitator Training (Level 2)

Facilitator training is delivered over five days and is provided by an Advanced Level Facilitator, trained and accredited by the Copeland Centre for Wellness and Recovery.

Facilitators will then be approved for training people at Level 1, allowing individuals and groups to create their own plans.

A good Wellness Action Recovery Plan consists of looking at the following areas:

Your current wellness tools



Early Warning Signs

When things are breaking down

Crisis plan

Post crisis plan


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