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Professional Boundaries

Professional Boundaries

Professional Boundaries. Professional boundaries are the limits that help us to develop effective relationships in the workplace.

If these boundaries are not clearly defined and maintained there is likely to be confusion and damage to the relationship. There is also the danger of the professional and the client being put at risk.

If you work with the public in a service or health related industry and want to protect yourself and your clients this workshop is an essential part of your development. If you want your team to function effectively so may also wish to consider how reinforcing professional boundaries can assist in this.

This one day workshop aims to meet the following objectives:

  • An understanding of the importance of setting and keeping healthy professional boundaries.
  • How adhering to professional boundaries helps the client.
  • Knowing how having a “safe” connection with a client helps the person providing the service.
  • How to identify warning signs before things go wrong.
  • How to recognise your own warning signs.
  • Recognising the consequences of stepping over professional boundaries.
  • How to help people take ownership of their own solutions and support without rescuing them.
  • Understanding of your own values as a service provider and how to recognise when these values are not being met.
  • How to use your language and physiology to diffuse potentially difficult situations.
  • How to set and maintain boundaries that work for you, the organisation and the client.
  • A recognition of how the greying of professional boundaries affects the professional relationship and has a detrimental effect on the client and the person providing the service.
  • Demonstration of ‘good’, ‘grey’ and ‘bad’ professional relationship lines and open discussion on the detrimental impact on the client and the person providing the service and what alternative actions could be taken.
  • How to use 6 questions to encourage the client to take ownership of their own solutions and support and how to use these same 6 questions with yourself to ‘check in’ on what needs to happen to keep the boundaries in place and meet your own objectives.


All of the above will be provided in a safe, fun, interactive and challenging environment with plenty of time for discussion of how the delegates can apply what they learn.


The workshop will give you plenty of opportunity to put into practice all that you learn.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you provide a certificate of attendance?

Yes we provide a certificate of attendance for your CPD records for all our workshops, this will be emailed to you after the course has completed.

Can my organisation / company pay for this course?

Yes, we have a number of organisations who pay for their staff, simply provide us with the invoice details in the form and we\’ll email this over to you, we can update the invoice with the PO number if this applies as well. Payment by Cheque and BACS are also accepted.

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