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NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Courses

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is our passion and we are proud of the exceptional quality, comprehensive content and cost effective courses we are able to offer, allowing you to take NLP skills into your core.

Our 8 day NLP Practitioner course takes place over two long weekends. We keep our group sizes small to ensure you have plenty of time to practice and discuss the application of the powerful tools and techniques you’ll be learning. We hold our NLP Practitioner course three times a year in London or Hampshire.

Our 11 day Master Practitioner course is held in London and Oxfordshire and takes your NLP skills to the next level. This course will enable you to apply advanced linguistic skills, understand the application of clean language techniques and master one to one coaching. Additionally you’ll learn how to model excellence, refine strategy elicitation ability and further enhance your communication.

8 Day Practitioner Course

  • Communication and Language
  • Meta Model and Milton language
  • The power of clean language and metaphors
  • How to use the above language techniques to ensure rapid change can occur
  • Coaching people through change and letting go of limiting beliefs
  • Dealing with phobias and unhelpful emotional reactions
  • How to identify your own hidden resources and utilise them to achieve what you want to achieve
  • How to protect yourself from stress and conflict
  • Understanding what you really want and obtaining your goals
  • Techniques to change unwanted habits
  • Letting go of anger, fear and anxiety
The secret of change is to focus all of (2)

11 Day Master Practitioner Course

  • A recap of all NLP Practitioner level techniques
  • Advanced Linguistic Skills
  • Designing individual interventions and how to look at the secondary gain from patients and clients
  • Meta Programs
  • Criteria (Values) including sleight of mouth patterns
  • Quantum Linguistics & Cartesian Logic
  • Installation and utilization of strategies
  • Refined use of submodalities
  • Negotiation skills
  • Presentation skills
  • How to Model excellence
  • Outcome Setting
  • Further neurological level work

Re-attend for free! Yes for free! 

We are so passionate about people really getting the most from their learning with us that we invite you to re-attend both of these courses for free. The only cost for re-attendance would be your residential costs on the Master Practitioner Course if you wanted to come on that again.

We know that these courses will give you a new and incredibly valuable insight to developing excellence and allow you to invest in your own development and goals.

These courses will both motivate and inspire you to make the difference that makes the difference to you and the people you interact with. They will also allow you to recognise the potential within yourself and give you an enhanced and lasting level of confidence and understanding of yourself and others.

You can make the decision to enable our NLP courses to be the meaningful steps in a personal development journey that creates real results for you and you will learn amazing new skills to help others move forward too.

NLP can unleash unlimited possibilities to enable you and your clients to reach where you/they want to be. From learning new communication methods, strategy development and outcome setting through to the application of techniques to banish self doubt and hindering beliefs and being able to model excellence.


Beyond Training provides  a unique platform to learn all of this and MORE! You will also have the opportunity to learn business and self development tools from both ourselves and our guest trainers which will ensure that you come away from the course with a uniquely different experience to any of the other courses you may have been on in the past.

You will also work with other trainers who are at the top of their field and cover advanced techniques such as further linguistic methods for advancing quick and lasting changes.

In addition, the wide range of backgrounds on the courses will ensure that you learn from each other as well as from the content covered.

Details of our NLP Practitioner courses for 2018

London Courses

29th June –  2nd July 2018 and 20th – 23rd July 2018

18th – 21st October 2018 and 29th November  – 2nd December 2018

Price: £3,144 (£2,620+vat)

Details of our 2018 NLP Master Practitioner Course

14th – 18th June in South East London and

15th – 20th September (Part 2, residential) in the New Forest, Hampshire

New Forest, Hampshire

Master Practitioner, New Forest, Hampshire


Price: £5,688  (£4,740+vat) (which includes your residential accommodation, breakfast and lunch costs in Hampshire)

Payment options available on both courses, contact us for details

For full details and to discuss how either of these courses can really make the difference for you please contact us

023 9244 9616

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