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Public Courses

Public Courses

If you have just one or two people within your organisation that require training you may find that our public workshops and full courses are a more cost effective option for you.

Most of our public workshops are held in in Central London.

Just click on the links below for further information and to book online.  If you are booking more than one person, contact us as we do offer discounts for multiple bookings.

The Power of NLP

Power of NLP Free TrainingSaturday 7th October 2017 – Central London

A completely free introductory day all about the power of NLP enabling you to step back and take control of life, rather than feeling like it’s taking control of you.  Join Andy Coley and Jo Wilson to find out how Neuro-Linguistic Programming can help you manage your personal and professional life in an entirely different way.

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Business and Career Transformation Retreat

28th – 30th November 2017

Our Business and Career Transformation Retreat provides you with a fantastic opportunity to really understand where you want your business or career to take you and then how to achieve that goal. Through 3 days of intensive training, facilitation and coaching you will really define your business or career purpose, what you want it to give you financially and also exactly what you need from it to achieve the sense of fulfillment you deserve.

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Speaking Confidently on Stage or on Video Masterclass

Monday 11th September, Central London

A one day unique masterclass to provide every guest with the inner confidence to deliver an impactful talk and the skills and structure to ensure their message really hits the mark.  This masterclass is unique as it give you so much that you can immediately apply and allows you to work through your talk or presentation on the day and get real time support and personalised feedback that really makes the difference. Jo or Andy will work with you to hold your hand and get you past the blocks that you previously felt and enable you to craft that unforgettable message or presentation so that you can make the impact you desire and get where you deserve to be.

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