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Motivational interviewing in business

Motivational interviewing in business

We love the fact that we can bring a proven method of empowering the individual to the workplace within an easy to implement structure!

Motivational Interviewing is usually associated with medical outcomes but we believe that the principles can be used to great affect within the business environment to enhance management and leadership within the organisation. As a framework, it is a great tool for understanding the individual’s motivation, enabling people to recognise their own patterns, own their personal outcomes and understand the means by which they will achieve those goals.

Many find that the basis of motivational interviewing is easy to understand, but the skills needed to really implement it can take a considerable amount of time to learn and embed within a business context.

This is where our programmes are different from the standard motivational interviewing training as it takes the key learnings from the model and then provides you with simple and effective techniques to utilise within the framework.
We amalgamate the power of the Motivational Interviewing model with Neuro Linguistic Communication, Effective Listening and Clean Language questioning to teach you and your team incredibly empowering ways to really understand your clients or team member’s needs and then work with them to reach the solution required and own the outcome!
Areas covered include:

The basis of Motivational Interviewing and motivational questioning.

The art and effectiveness of really listening.

How to identify the person’s motivational strategy.

The adaptation and use of clean language questions to allow the individual to identify their own solutions.

How to chunk people up from the problem and towards the solution and enable them to connect with what they can now achieve.

The power of utilising metaphor in any communication.

Understand ways to enhance the level of information gained from the other person and empower them to take ownership of their own solutions.

How to apply the techniques within organisation.

How to utilise all that is learnt to enhance team working.

The concept of motivational interviewing comes from work carried out by psychologist William Miller in the 80s with people who had alcohol problems.  During the 90s he worked with psychologist Steve Rollnick and together they published the book Motivational Interviewing: Preparing people to change addictive behaviour in 1991 and have since written several more books.  Their work has also been used in a significant number of research papers since.

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