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Management of motivation

Management of employee motivation

Motivation can be a complex area as each person’s motivation strategy may be different.

For example you may want to consider the following questions to understand a little about your own motivation strategies:

Do possibilities or obligations motivate you more? Do you tend to choose based on necessity or do you tend to choose based on options and possibilities?

?When you think about a goal, are you clear about what it is that you want when you get it or are you focussed on what you don’t want?

?Are you motivated by what others say when you achieve your goals or do you rely on your own internal feelings for that sense of fulfilment?

Now consider employee motivation management and imagine that you had two members of staff, one towards motivated (focusing on a goal) and one away from motivated (focusing on what they don’t want or problems that can be solved). If you try to motivate the ’towards’ employee with threats of punishment they may become resentful and resistant. On the other hand, trying to motivate the ‘away from’ employee with bonuses is usually a waste of time, as they are often more concerned with things like job security.

NLPWe utilise a number of tools within our employee motivation training, one of which is Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). We have a number of ways in which we take in information, sort and filter it; within NLP these are called our Meta Programs.  They guide and direct our thought process and behaviour as well as making our perception and experience what it is. Within our Meta Programs are our unique motivational strategies.

Understanding our own motivation strategy, and recognising the differences in that of others, is key to effective leadership and the management of highly functional teams.

We are able to work with you to understand the key challenges for you and your organisation and then provide you with key tools and techniques to:

Understand team dynamics

Engage all members of the team

Deal with negativity

Encourage people to be forward thinking

Run effective workshops and meetings

Respect the strengths of the individual

Ensure objectives and guidelines are understood by all

Get people reconnected with the values of the organisation

Enable everyone to see their individual impact on service levels

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