The Keys to Staff Engagement and Confident Teams

Protecting yourself from draining or toxic relationships

An interactive workshop looking at why you are being drawn into relationships that drain rather than sustain you and learn ways to protect yourself from their toxic effects.

By the end of this workshop you will:

  • Know how to build your own personal armour to allow you to feel empowered and safe in your environment
  • Have a better sense of your own identity and purpose so that you have the courage to defend who you are and what you believe
  • Understand why you are being drawn into professional or personal relationships that drain rather than sustain you
  • Understand your own belief structure that has previously held you to unhelpful relationships
  • Have increased your ability to protect yourself from the toxic effects of unhealthy relationships
  • Understand how to maintain friendships and relationships whilst ensuring they enrich you
  • Have tools to protect yourself from other people’s negative actions or energy
  • Know how to step back and make the right decisions for you when faced with pressure from others


You should attend this workshop if you recognise the following in any of your professional or personal relationships:


  • You walk on eggshells around them
  • You often don’t feel heard or that your opinion doesn’t matter
  • You feel that you give more than receive and often feel like you are not appreciated
  • They concentrate on the negative aspects of you or your life
  • You find yourself acting in a way that is ‘not you’
  • They show their emotions irrationally and/ or you find yourself unable to express your own emotions rationally
  • You find yourself avoiding any conflict with them or dealing with issues with them
  • Their behaviour makes you feel belittled or guilty
  • You have heart-sink syndrome when they message or call you as you know it will be a drain on your energy
  • They are prone to using emotional blackmail
  • They like to keep you to themselves
  • Jealousy gets the worst of you and you start comparing your life to theirs
  • You may find yourself anxious, nervous and stressed out when around them


This is a very interactive workshop with lots of time for discussion and to apply the tools you learn to your own personal circumstances.


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