Conflict Management

Conflict management training

Consider the following for a moment:


When you are in a situation where there is a difference of opinion you will filter the information coming at you and interpret it in a certain way. The information will be filtered based on things that have happened to you in the past, your own beliefs and how much you care about the subject being discussed. You may then form a negative opinion or start to see the situation in a negative light which in turn may make you start to feel irritated, anxious, deflated, angry or perhaps frustrated. This will then affect you physically as start to feel tense. You may twitch, cross your arms, pace, find yourself leaning forward, your body tense or your breathing start to get more rapid. This will all then have an impact on your behaviour and then the way that you filter the next bit of information is now also affected by how you feel and the cycle continues!

Now imagine that at the same time this is all going on for the other person – not surprising then that a conflict may ensue?

Our conflict management training enables delegates to understand the difference between disagreement and conflict. It allows them to recognise their own and other people’s different conflict styles and how they impact on their relationships at work.

Understanding that the general definitions of conflict include:

Fear of not being understood clearly

Strong differences of opinion

An internal Battle

Incompatibility of opinion and/or behaviour

Non communication between two individuals

Unwillingness to compromise

Internal anxiousness presenting in external stubbornness

This is conflict management training with a difference.

We provide delegates with effective communication, emotional management and negotiation tools and techniques to avoid conflict and handle conflict situations calmly and fairly to obtain an effective resolution.

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