Facebook, is a multi-billion dollar business that attracts top talent from across the world and is a world class employer.

In the UK, Google was named the best place to work with staff praising its “cool culture”, “amazing people”, and the “level of trust given to employees”. John Lewis came second, followed by Microsoft, Accenture, and Jaguar Land Rover. The list was compiled by jobs website Glassdoor.

These companies didn’t get where they are today by accident. No doubt they took some wrong turns along the way, however, they’ve learned to understand what makes them a great place to work.

A big part of this is how they deal with change and make the most of opportunities. At times they’ve had to make harsh decisions to manage circumstances forced upon them by external factors, or the market. Other times, internal issues have forced change. A common characteristic of successful companies is that they involve their people in all that they do, with everyone contributing to their overall vision and success.

This isn’t always easy, staff engagement requires strategy and planning, with systems and processes put in place to ensure successful outcomes.

At what point did Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder of Facebook, start thinking about structure and organisation, culture and human resources? Perhaps he didn’t, he probably had people to help him with that. The point is, to succeed with your vision and grow your company you need to be thinking about it! And doing something about it! If you don’t have the skills in-house then work with specialists who can bring their expertise to your unique situation.

Be clear on where you are heading. Achieving your goals is never plain sailing, you’ll hit some big waves along the way. The skill is in knowing how to handle the boat (and the weather) and having the best crew on board.

So think about it. What do you do to attract great people? It’s not just about pay and benefits; it’s about culture and values, organisational change and development. When you get this right, people will want to work for you and your business will grow and prosper.

By Dianne Lambdin

HR & Employment Law Specialist

Sussex HR Hub