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Handling Overwhelm

Empowering staff to handle overwhelm

We have all been there at some time – when the brain just doesn’t seem to want to move forward and concentrate or there is so much going on that you are not sure that you are making the right decisions. When we feel like you are running around so fast that you have no time or head space to plan and you are simply reacting. When we find ourselves  having so much to do we don’t seem to do anything. When we wake up in the middle of the night suddenly thinking of something you forgot to do. When you find deadlines getting closer and your stomach flips or your head blocks.

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For the organisation, left unchecked, the impact of overwhelm can be huge – lack of productivity, ineffective project implementation, staff sickness and absence, unmotivated workforce, missed deadlines and conflict.

The problem is that companies often throw logistical and process ‘solutions’ at the problem; suggesting time management strategies, process changes or even performance management. Thus they miss the simplest and most effective answer – empower the individual and provide them with resources and techniques to deal with overwhelm that work for them.

Our facilitated workshop does just that. It enables the individual to:

Understand the factors that cause overwhelm for them

Develop a clear and workable strategy to deal with overwhelm

Be able to step away from the emotion of overwhelm

Gain effective tools to use when in overwhelm so that they can regain focus and productivity

Know how to tame their critical inner voice when in overwhelm so that they are able to plan solutions

Feel calm and in control


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